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Marques Homes offers the best quality standard interior and exterior home features from the floors to the windows and from the roof to the brick exterior.  Read about our standard exterior and interior features.  Learn how you can personalize and customize your new home with our many upgrades.  Our standard windows and doors are supplied through Kingston Windows and Doors and offer the best quality for your money.  We pride ourselves on quality craftmenship and our extensive knowledge of what our new home buyers are looking for in modern custom home design.

Kingston Windows and Doors

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All Marques Homes windows and doors are provided exclusively through Kingston Windows and Doors.  Kingston Windows and Doors is located at 1259 Gardiners Rd, just south of Hwy 401.  Their…

Choosing Custom Upgrades for your New Home

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Marques Homes prides itself on offering high quality materials, features and finishes on their new construction homes,  however you may want to upgrade these features.  Upgrades to features or items…

Standard Interior Specifications

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Our standard features for interior new home construction are extensive. We strive to use quality materials and offer unique features that make our new homes more than just standard.You will…

Standard Exterior Specifications

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Marques homes prides itself on meeting or exceeding your expectations for exterior new home construction features. Our years of experience have provided us with excellent knowledge of what works best…


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Marques Homes

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    1259 Gardiners Road Kingston, Ontario K7P 3J6
  • Tel: +(613) 384-7363
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